Yoko Mizuta

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Yoko Mizuta
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Booing Boo (?), ブーイング ブー みずたに (Booing Boo Mizutani) (?)

Yoko Mizuta is a Japanese composer and sound designer who worked at TOSE.


Released Title Sample
1997-02-01 Game & Watch Gallery (GB) (ゲームボーイギャラリー)
1997-04-07 The Legend of the River King (GB)
1997-09-27 Game & Watch Gallery 2 (GB) (ゲームボーイギャラリー2)
1999-04-08 Game & Watch Gallery 3 (GB) (ゲームボーイギャラリー3)