Yasushi Kawasaki

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Yasushi Kawasaki
Local かわさき やすし
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Kawasaki, まにぴーかわさき (Manipy Kawasaki)

Yasushi Kawasaki is a Japanese audio designer who worked for Arc System Works. In games that contained both music and sound credits, he was usually only credited for sound, so it was believed he was a sound programmer, although he could have been a composer as well.


Released Title Sample
1989-03-01 Hany in the Sky (PCE) (はにいいんざすかい) Sound of Hell
1989-11-24 Mahjong Gakuen: Toumasou Shirou Toujou (PCE) (麻雀学園 東間宗四郎登場)
1990-09-14 Hany on the Road (PCE) (はにいおんざろおーど)
1990-10-26 Ryu Kyu (PCE) (琉球)
1990-12-07 Fushigi no Yume no Alice (PCE) (不思議の夢のアリス) Program Assist (Sound Driver?)
1990-12-15 Hissatsu Shigoto Nin (FC) (必殺仕事人) Thanks (Additional music/sound?)
1990-12-21 Cross Wiber: Cyber Combat Police (PCE) (クロスワイバー) Music Programmer
1991-07-12 Metal Stoker (PCE) Sound Driver?
1991-11-08 Time Cruise (TG16) (タイムクルーズⅡ) Sound Driver?