Yasuo Miyata

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Yasuo Miyata
Local 宮田康夫? (みやた やすお)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Y. Miyata, Musical Arts

Yasuo Miyata is a Japanese computer programmer who created the sound drivers at Musical Plan. He also had his own company called Musical Arts (ミュージカル アーツ). He later licensed his NES sound engine to Epoch.


Released Title Sample
1987-03-05 Sudden Musician (FC) (いきなり ミュージシャン) Sound Driver
1987-04-27 Detective Saburo Jinguji: Shinjuku Central Park Murder Case (FDS) (探偵神宮寺三郎 新宿中央公園殺人事件) Sound Driver
1987-06-?? Side Pocket (NES) (サイド・ポケット) Sound Driver
1987-10-30 Family Composer (FDS) (ファミリー コンポーザー) Sound Driver
1987-12-04 Santa Claus' Treasue Chest (FDS) (サンタクローズの宝箱) Sound Driver
1988-02-26 Detective Jinguji Saburo: Yokohama Port Serial Murder Mystery (FC) (横浜港連続殺人事件) Sound Driver
1989-02-10 Detective Jinguji Saburo: Two Dangerous People (FDS) (探偵神宮寺三郎危険な二人) Sound Driver
1989-10-20 Speedy! Child Kid (FC) (かっとび!童児) Sound Driver
1989-12-15 Famicom Baseball Board (FC) (ファミコン野球盤) Sound Driver
1990-09-14 Doraemon: Counterattack of the Giga Zombie (FC) (ドラえもん:ギガゾンビの逆襲) Sound Driver
1991-02-15 Parasol Henbee (FC) (パラソルへんべえ) Sound Driver