WaxWorks (DOS)

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Platform: DOS
Year: 1991
Developer: Horror Soft

WaxWorks is a dungeon-crawler action-RPG video game developed by Horror Soft and published by Accolade. The game came out for MS-DOS and Amiga. Your brother has gone missing and you want to find him. Your uncle has also recently died and left you his wax museum. The museum teleports you back into 4 time periods to finish off your evil ancestors. You can talk to your deceased uncle through a crystal ball, used by the witch who cursed your family many years ago.

The game uses the standard RPG elements such as health, strength, and experience levels. The 4 waxworks can be played in any order, as completing any of them resets the players' stats, as well as taking away any items that you had in the waxwork.

The game takes you through four places, in which you must stop your evil twins. In Ancient Egypt, you must stop the High Priest of Anubis. In the graveyard, you must stop Vladimir the Necromancer. In Victorian-era London, you must stop Jack the Ripper. In the mine, you must stop an evil plant monster that your brother turned into. After you defeat the evil ancestors, you must stop the witch from placing the curse. To do so, you use four items; each one from a waxwork that you completed.

Each level has its own creepy atmosphere. In London, you have no means of attack from the cops and the angry mob who roam the streets looking for you. In the graveyard, many undead creatures wish to feed on your flesh. In Ancient Egypt, you must fend off against not only the several guards and priests, but also the clever puzzles and traps found in the pyramid. In the mine level, you must save the prisoners, as well as fight off the grotesque mutant slaves who were once innocent humans.

The game has been noted for its large amount of blood in gore, mainly in the death scenes. When your character dies in each waxwork, you are given a very detailed image of what has happened to them. This has made some players reluctant to play the game.


Some of the Woodroffe family worked at Horror Soft, so they got Jezz Woodroffe to compose the music to the game. Each song represents its level very well. Spooky music in the graveyard, suspenseful music in the mines, and even ragtime piano tunes composed for the London bars. Also, each waxwork has its own unique set of songs. These songs are for the level itself, music that plays when you encounter danger, combat music, victory music, and death music. Additional songs were composed for the graveyard and London levels.



The credits show both after waiting at the title screen and the ending sequence.

Game Rip



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The music was ripped during gameplay. However, fileswapping methods were executed to get the music to play at the title screen. To do this, simply rename any of the .mus files to 'mod7.mus' (mod7 is the title music). The music was logged in .DRO format in DOSBox 0.74 and then converted to VGM using DRO2VGM. It is unknown what .MUS file format this game uses. It might be Accolade's.

Audio Devices

The game uses AdLib/SoundBlaster to play music and sound effects. For better-fidelity music, you can also use an MT-32.

There is an audio option for Tandy DAC, SoundBlaster, Roland MT-32/LAPC-I, and Thunder Board. It is unknown whether these play music, sound effects, or both.

Audio Devices


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Title: WaxWorks
Platform: DOS
Released: 1991-??-??
Publisher: Unknown