War in China

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War in China
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Live A Live - SFC - War in China.png
Composer Yoko Shimomura
Released 1994-09-02
Length 0:30
Format SPC.png
Game Live A Live (SFC)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

War in China is the battle theme for the ancient Chinese chapter, "Inheritance". It plays on the overworld when Yuan is being heckled the first time you see him until after the battle that ensues is over, as well as during the scene when you first see Sammo where he steals a ton of food. It later also plays throughout the scene and related battles when you first take the three thieves back to your school, and then becomes the overworld theme once you get your pupil back before entering the Yi Po Men Kung Fu Temple. It's last heard as the last half of the chapter staff roll.

This song is track 19 on the official soundtrack.


  • English: War in China
  • Chinese: 在中国的戦闘
  • Pinyin: Zài zhōngguó de zhàndòu
  • Translation: War in China