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| DeveloperName  = Voxelstein 3D Team
| DeveloperName  = Voxelstein 3D Team
| DeveloperPage  = Voxelstein 3D Team
| DeveloperPage  = Voxelstein 3D Team
| Download        = http://voxelstein3d.sourceforge.net
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The game also has [[DP|LMP]] sounds in it, taken from [[Wolfenstein 3D (DOS)]], but never use it, using OGG recording of them instead.
The game also has [[DP|LMP]] sounds in it, taken from [[Wolfenstein 3D (DOS)]], but never use it, using OGG recording of them instead.
{{Table Header
{{Issue Releases}}
| Color    = FFF0FF
| Caption01 = Version
| Caption02 = Download
| Caption03 = Platform
| Caption04 = Notes
| Caption05 = License
| Beta 0.01
| {{Software|Voxelstein 3D (W32) v1.09.zip}}
| W32
| All files from the game which are necessary to play the game (see the information below).
To reduce the size of archive from original 26.1 MB to 17.7 MB (because this site doesn't allow upload files bigger than 20 MB), I did not an easy work. Firstly, these files were excluded:
These files aren's used anywhere in the game itself, so the game will work without them as good as with.
Then the result was packed to [[ZIP]] and [[ZIP]] converted to [[7Z]] to reduce more size additionally. As VGMPF doesn't allow [[7Z]], the archive was packed on the ZIP file again and then finally downloaded. This is ''triple'' archive, but it solves three problems - redusing the size, getting the acceptable archive format and making the unpacked game working as good as original archive with all the in-game places.
'''Don't unpack the wolfsw.zip file - otherwise the game won't play IMF and WAV files! Only unpack "Voxelstein 3D (W32) v1.09.zip" and "Voxelstein 3D (W32).7z".'''
If you want to get the orignal archive with these files (but it will be larger for 8.4 MB), get it from the official site.
== Links ==
* [http://voxelstein3d.sourceforge.net voxelstein3d.sourceforge.net] - Official Page.
* [https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voxelstein_3D ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voxelstein_3D] - Wikipedia (only Russian, pages for another languages weren't created).
* [https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voxelstein_3D ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voxelstein_3D] - Wikipedia (only Russian, pages for another languages weren't created).
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[[Category: Homebrew Games]]
[[Category: Homebrew Games]]
[[Category: Downloadable Games]]
[[Category: Downloadable Games]]
[[Category: Downloadable From VGMPF Games]]

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Voxelstein 3D
Platform: Windows 32
Year: 2008
Developer: Voxelstein 3D Team
Online: Download

Voxelstein 3D is a free homebrew game, which based off Wolfenstein series for setting. And also it is great example of using voxels instead of polygons. It was released only as beta and it was abandoned, although the developers said much about continuing of the development.


Issue - Screenshots.svg

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There are only two tracks used in game - Searching For the Enemy and End of Level. Another 9 are in shareware release of Wolfenstein 3D, packed with the game to use sounds from it, but weren't used. However, they were added into playlist.









01 Searching For the Enemy Bobby Prince Bobby Prince 2:20 1.7 MB
02 End of Level Bobby Prince Bobby Prince 0:50 612 KB
03 Horst-Wessel-Lied Horst Wessel Bobby Prince 2:05 1.5 MB
04 Wondering About My Loved Ones Bobby Prince Bobby Prince 2:30 1.5 MB
05 Get Them Before They Get You Bobby Prince Bobby Prince 2:38 1.9 MB
06 P.O.W. Bobby Prince Bobby Prince 2:19 1.8 MB
07 Suspense Bobby Prince Bobby Prince 3:59 2.4 MB
08 The March to War Bobby Prince,
Daniel Decatur Emmett,
Francis Scott Key,
Thomas Arne,
Daniel Butterfield
Bobby Prince 2:26 1.8 MB
09 Enemy Around the Corner Bobby Prince Bobby Prince 2:11 1.3 MB
10 U R A Hero Bobby Prince Bobby Prince 0:50 600 KB
11 Roster Bobby Prince Bobby Prince 0:47 605 KB


(Sources: Wolfenstein 3D, W3D Manual, game lacks credits.)

Game Rip



DP.png OGG.png WAV.png WLF.png



Voxelstein 3D use music from shareware release of Wolfenstein 3D (DOS). IMF tracks were extracted using DarkOne's software and renamed as WLF instead IMF to make correct playing speed in DRO players.

Also there is OGG rip of sounds, added in Voxelstein 3D and which lacks in Wolfenstein 3D, and digital WAV files of screams, shots, etc. in Wolfenstein 3D shareware, also ripped with FloEdit (though most of them weren't used). Rare example of game using 2 types of digital audio files, because using one is simpler for game developers.

The game also has LMP sounds in it, taken from Wolfenstein 3D (DOS), but never use it, using OGG recording of them instead.


Issue - Releases.svg

This game is missing releases.