Vladimir Kononenko

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Vladimir Kononenko
Local Владимир Кононенко (rus.)
Владiмiр Кононенко (ukr.)
Birth Place USSR
Nationality Ukrainian   Ukraine.svg

Vladimir Kononenko is a former DOS game composer and foley artist for CSW Group. His mail address was 2:464/85@fidonet.

Music Development


Kononenko's songs are in the MOD format and his sound effects in WAV. His editors included GoldWave v2.00, v2.10, v2.11 and Cool Edit v.1.31.


Released Title Sample
1995-??-?? Bump It! (DOS)
1995-??-?? Mad Mac 2 (DOS)
1995-??-?? Sergeant Slotte (DOS)
199?-??-?? Bump & Bomp (DOS)