Vegas Dream (NES)

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Vegas Dream
Vegas Dream - NES - USA.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1988
Developer: HAL Laboratory, Inc.
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Vegas Dream is one of the better casino games released for the NES. It features four casino staples: blackjack, roulette, keno, and a slot machine along with plenty more unusual forms of gambling. Occasionally you’ll be challenged by a high roller, there are also a couple minor scenes that happen every now and then where you can try you luck. Sometimes people ask to be lent money, sometimes you can buy stocks, sometimes you go to shows, etc. You can even get married in the game, though it's irrelevant to your success. Oddly enough, the Japanese version of the game (called Viva! Las Vegas) is completely in English, however, there is a test option even on the NES version that will let you see all the messages in the game in Japanese.

The game takes place in the nonexistent HAL Laboratory Casino (Epic Palace in the Japanese version). Like most gambling games, the objective is to get a ton of money. In this game, the player must obtain $1,000,000 to beat the game. A password system allows you to save your progress and keep your winnings until the next time you play although if you switch the password's 17th and 18th characters around, the game will instantly give you 1,000,000. The slot machine appears to yield and overall positive gain over time, so it’s possible just to play it forever and beat the game. However, its tiny maximum bet of $300 makes it unfeasible. The other games don’t have a maximum bet, so you can make a killing on a single round.


Vegas Dream - NES - Title.png

The title screen.

Vegas Dream - NES - Black Jack.png

Playing black jack.

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The music is upbeat and up-tempo which keeps the game feeling light and fun. The tunes begin to drag on you after a couple hours of play, so thankfully, each game and section of the casino has its own unique anthem.

Kuni Kawachi used a sound driver by Hiroshi Yamazaki to compose the music in a form of Music Macro Language.


# Title ComposerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 Title Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 1:12
02 Blackjack Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 1:30
03 Roulette Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 1:23
04 Slot Machine Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 1:20
05 Keno Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 1:52
06 Got a Blackjack Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 0:04
07 Lounge Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 0:51
08 News Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 0:58
09 Show Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 0:12
10 Challenger Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 3:09
11 Wedding Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 0:09
12 Game Over Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 0:12
13 You Win! Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 0:06
14 Congratulations! Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 0:29
15 Pool Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 3:09
16 Credits Kuni KawachiHiroshi Yamazaki 0:58


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  Japan.svg   Japan
Viva Las Vegas - FC.jpg
Title: Viva Las Vegas
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1988-09-30
Publisher: Epic/Sony Inc.
  USA.svg   USA
Vegas Dream - NES - USA.jpg
Title: Vegas Dream
Platform: NES
Released: 1990-03-??
Publisher: HAL America Inc.