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posted 453 days ago

oops, do you mean that I'm the one who ends these games' 15 minutes almost 50 months of fame? :O ;)

posted 456 days ago

Argh, it really must be summer!! Thanks for changing the "No Rip" label. :)

posted 1374 days ago


I'm MrNorbert1994 and I usually upload here game content stuff like everybody else. This message is going to sound weird as hell, but let's get on with it. :P

So, I have a friend here outside of this board who is a big CPC and pretty much home computer fan. He would like to record the soundtrack of a game called Agent X II. The problem is that there is no rip for that game.

If I'm correct you are able to rip CPC games' music into a format that can be played on Winamp or AY_Emul. Could you do a rip for that game? I know that ripping is a very ardious process, I can tell that since I'm doing the NSF scene in the past 2 years.

Sorry, if I bothered you.

Regards, Norbert

posted 2396 days ago

The Jukebox section you added is a useful addition to the site. I renamed it to Song Credits to make it more inclusive and fit with the existing Game Credits theme.

posted 2406 days ago

Love your "Programs described as games" category! I just renamed it to Category:Non-Game Soundtracks to make the name fit better with the category. Great idea!