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Hi everybody ! My name is Masami Komuro, and I was born on May 10, 1990 in Foix (southern France). I'm interested in music ever since I can remember ... but I started piano and percussion lessons circa 1993~1994. Later, when I was about 13, I got involved into an amateur video game project developed by a 8-people small team at school. At this moment I started by programming some synth patches and sequences, because the team lead composer hadn't enough MIDI skills. Since I helped her to format her tracks to the MIDI Sound Engine, she hired me to become her arranger. Tools I used for this were an Atari 1040 STe with Cubase MIDI Sequencer, a PC with MIDIQuest to edit synth patches, Yamaha drum machine and synth module, Akai sampler and Roland master keyboard. From 2006, I gradually got involved as composer & arranger on few indie short films (mainly horror & thriller) and video games, buying new devices to improve my home-studio. I enjoy very well rock, electro, jazz and fusion music styles, but anyway, I feel at ease with almost music styles, that makes me able to fit into various projects.

Along with that, I've got some abilities in programming, electronics, foreign languages (english, spanish, japanese).

My main hobbies, excepted video-games and music, are cars, cooking, travelling, walking and hiking, swimming, etc.

I joined the VGMPF team in order to help riping game soundtracks, and bring some knowledges about MIDI synthesizers and music systems.

Thanks for reading my profile ... there's some further information below.

Games made me want to become a VGM composer

Soundtracks I've contributed

Formats I've contributed

  • SYX - added structure information

Tools & Instruments I used

  • Korg : M1 - 01/W FD - Wavestation - Trinity - Triton
  • Roland : JV-1080 - JV-2080 - R-8 - VP-9000
  • Yamaha : TX802 - RX7 - TG33 - SY35 - TG55 - TG77 - SY77 - QY300 - QY700

My VGM tracks Top 10

Favorites Composers