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Kennosuke Suemura seems to have been affiliated (been the founder of?) Studio PJ since 1995, through at least 2008.

Or I suppose it could be a different Suemura...

An uncertain relationship to Unlimited Sound Project. Maybe.

KS apparently did some music-type plagiarism here and there but I don't regard so whatever unless relevance.

Known members at one point or another, according to VGMdb:

Supposed gameography to verify:

  • Zero4 Champ: RR-Z (SFC, 1995-11-25)
    • MUSIC: Kennosuke Suemura
    • SE & ARRANGEMENT: Kennosuke Suemura, H.P.E. (presumably Hiroshi Ebihara), Hirokazu Sudo
  • The Great Battle V (SFC, 1995-12-22)
  • Suikoden - Tenmei no Chikai (PSX/SAT, 1996-10-04/1996-12-27)
  • The King of Fighters - Heat of Battle / Nettou The King of Fighters '96 (GB, 1997-08-08)
    • MUSIC BY: Studio PJ Co. LTD
      • (as one might imagine, this largely rearranges a small selection of themes from KOF '96)
  • Nettou Real Bout Garou Densetsu (GB, 1998-03-27)
    • MUSIC BY: Studio PJ Co.,Ltd
  • ...Iru! (PSX, 1998-03-28)
    • MUSIC & SOUND BY: Studio PJ Co. Ltd
    • MUSIC COMPOSER: Kennosuke Suemura
  • Waku Waku Bowling (PSX, 1998-04-01)
    • SOUND COMPOSER: Kennosuke Suemura, Seiji Momoi, Wakaba Ikumune
      • bury me in polygonal afros
  • Toshinden Card Quest (PSX, 1998-04-02)
  • Wachenroder (SAT, 1998-08-06)
    • good grief
  • Goiken Muyou II (PSX, 1998-10-29)
  • Monster Race 2 (GBC, 1999-03-12)
  • Kettou Beast Wars - Beast Senshi Saikyou Ketteisen (GBC, 1999-03-19)
    • SOUND: Studio PJ
  • Nice On! (WS, 1999-04-08)
    • SOUND: Studio PJ (as well as three apparently unrelated names: Masaki Miyazaki, Hiroe Shioda, Kagari Sugita)
      • (developed by Aisystem Tokyo, who those three might've worked for)
  • Shadowgate 64: Trial of the Four Towers (N64, 1999-06-09)
    • SPECIAL THANKS: Studio PJ Co. Ltd.
      • (man, this game's credits look like a mess...)
  • Submarine Commander / Submarine Hunter Shachi (PSX, 1999-11-02)
    • SOUND: Studio PJ, Kennosuke Suemura, Masaki Kikuchi (apparently credited as Masayoshi Kikuchi in PAL version)
  • Vasara (ARC, 2000)
    • various
  • Brave Saga 2 (PSX, 2000-05-02)
  • Suzuki Bakuhatsu (PSX, 2000-06-06)
    • SOUND BY: Studio PJ. Co. Ltd
  • Muteki Ou Tri-Zenon (GBC, 2001-03-09)
    • die all romanizations
  • Samurai Shodown V ~ SSV Special (NEOGEO, 2003-10-10 ~ 2004-06-15)
    • MUSIC BY: Studio PJ Co. Ltd
    • SOUND DESIGN: Kennosuke Suemura, Qon (who?)
        • (Qon is credited just for character sprite art in the original SSV, but also for sound design and Planning in Special)
    • MUSIC COMPOSE: Kennosuke Suemura, Haruhiko Kuroiwa (a free-lancer?)
  • Cinnamoroll - Koko ni Iru yo (GBA, 2003-12-05)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors (GBA, 2004-06-22)
    • MUSIC & SOUND: Studio PJ Co. Ltd {why does JP Wikipedia say Yugo Kanno composed this?}
  • Super Real Mahjong - Dousoukai (GBA, 2004-11-04)
  • Nano Breaker (PS2, 2005-02-15)
    • MUSIC COMPOSER: Kennosuke Suemura
    • GUITAR: Atsuya Matsuo
    • RECO(R?)DING ENGINEER: Osamu Iijima
      • (there's some other sound credits, but they seem tobe Konami staff, while these three are credited under Studio PJ - although Iijima may be a subcontractor? Was with Cube Corporation one year previous. Atsuya Matsuo probably independent)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 (NDS, 2005-11-18)
    • COMPOSER: Kennosuke Suemura, Tatsuo Nishizono, G. A. Cool
  • Rumble Roses XX (360, 2006-03-28)
    • oh dear
  • Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers (NDS, 2006-04-25)
    • MUSIC PRODUCER: Kennosuke Suemura
    • GUITAR: Nao Ogawa
    • GIG STAGE BGM MUSIC COMPOSITION / SOUND DESIGN: Katsunari Kitajima (apparently not part of Studio PJ at the time)
      • (this is apparently just for the boss theme, which honestly sounds like a stock piece...)
  • Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 (PSP, 2006-10-24)
    • them special thanks. man, they are in the special thanks for like two other Dynasty Warriors. I don't Dynasty WArriors. musuosoihiuarbhiuathbuigtbshgtuib msudobsdsguoubd bsgobmug
  • Hoshgami - Ruining Blue Earth Remix (NDS, 2007-05-24)
  • Battle Fantasia (360, 2008-09-18)
    • MUSIC: Kennosuke Suemura
    • RECORDING ENGINEER: Tatsuo Nishizono
    • SOUND EFFECTS: Takashi Shinbori
    • VOCAL (on "Theme of DynaKid"): BABA BANG
      • (all are associated with Studio PJ in the credits, although Nishizono and Shinbori seem to have....oddly mixed roles, worth reviewing)

VGMdb relevant burps:



  • Nova's Genesis MMPR title seems to have been a Ebihara (P.E. Young, semi-confirmed) / Suemura (Ken-chan) join
  • Guilty Gear Judgment was apparently worked on by Ebihara (H. P. Ebihara). Anybody else?
  • Alongside Norihiko Togashi (check), Whirlo/Sandra no Daibouken was apparently composed by an Ebihara (this 'un?) and a Nakanobu (possibly Nobuyuki Nakamura) > game includes arrangements of various Nam-Valkyrie tunes
  • I was going to put something here I ugess


  • Established 8/8/8 (rather, August 8th 1996, as that first 8 is Heisei 8).
  • Location at the time:  東京都大田区雪谷大塚町11丁目11番  アイリス雪谷ビル2F
  • Employees(?): 4?
    • Suemura was the only composer with a profile at the time (ever?). His (directly game-related) works list on 2001-03-03 (transfer unfinished):
      • Sakura Momoko Gekijou: Coji Coji (さくらももこ劇場 with various transliterations of subtitle, Dreamcast, 2000)
      • Shadowgate 64 (シャドウゲイト64)
      • Gale Gunner (ゲイルガンナー/エンディング曲 - ending song only?, PSX, 2000)
      • Submarine Hunter Shachi (サブマリンハンター 鯱)
      • Goiken Muyou 2 (御意見無用2)
      • Doki Doki Poyacchio (どきどきポヤッチオ, PSX, 1998 ~ VGMdb entry)
      • Monster Race (もんすたあレース, PSX, 1998)
      • The Drug Store: Matsumoto Kiyoshi de Okaimono! (ザ・ドラッグストア ~マツモトキヨシでお買い物~, PSX, 1998)
      • Family Restaurant / Famires e Youkosou! (ファミレスへようこそ!, PSX, 1998)
      • Toshinden DT ~Digital Trading~ (闘神伝DT ~デジタルトレーディング~, PSX, 1998 - appears to be an early name for Toshinden Card Quest / 闘神伝 カードクエスト)
      • ...Iru! (。。。いる)
      • Money Puzzle Exchanger (両替戦士エクスチェンジャー, PSX, 1997)
      • Schrödinger no Neko - Die Katze von Schrödinger (シュレディンガーの猫, PSX, 1997 - not mentioned VGMdb album page, GDRI credits music to "True Project". But the OST was released about six months BEFORE the game...)
      • Mikuzi Shigeru no Yokai Butouden (水木しげるの妖怪武闘伝, PSX, 1997)
      • Nishijin Pachinko Tengoku Vol.2 (西陣パチンコ天国Vol .2, PSX, 1997)
      • Nishijin Pachinko Tengoku Vol.1 (西陣パチンコ天国Vol .1, PSX, 1997)
      • Digicro - Digital Number Crossword (デジクロ ~ デジタルクロスワードパズル ~, PSX, 1996)
      • Washing Loader (バッケンローダー)
      • Money Puzzle Exchanger (for Saturn - unreleased)
      • Jinsei Game - Tomodachi Takusan Tsukurou yo! (人生ゲーム友達たくさんつくろうよ!, GBC, 1999-04)
      • Monster Race 2 (もんすたぁレース2)
      • Monster Race Okawari (もんすたあ レース おかわり, GB(C?), 1998)
      • Monster Race (もんすたあ レース, GB(C?), 1998)
      • Space Invaders: The Original Game (スペースインベーダー -ザ・オリジナルゲーム-, SFC, 1994)
      • Zero 4 Champ RR-Z (ゼロヨンチャンプRRーZ)
      • Super Bonk (超原人, SFC, 1994)
      • Battle Dodgeball II (バトルドッジボール2, SFC, 1993)
      • Thunderbirds: Kokusai Kyuujotai Shutsudou seyo! (サンダーバード, SFC 1993)
      • Fatal Fury 2 (餓狼伝説2, SFC, 1994)
      • 3x3 Eyes: Seima Kourinden (3x3EYES, SFC, 1992)
      • [他、多数] (loosely "many others" ...he's thought to have worked on at least six more SFC games)
      • Money Puzzle Exchanger (Neo Geo)
      • Far East Of Eden: Kabuki Klash (天外魔境真伝, Neo Geo, 1995)
      • Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (超人学園ゴウカイザー, Neo Geo, 1995)
      • Lovely Pop Mahjong JangJang Shimasho 2 (ラブリーポップ麻雀 雀々しましょ2, Arcade, 2000-02, looks like he worked on original too?)
      • he also worked on some game-related stuff without apparently working on the original properties, like various "Tales of" Drama CDs. Should circle back to this sometime
    • Suemura's bio states he studied at the Musician's Institute in Los Angeles during his 20s. He was born in the Nakano ward of Tokyo.