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Kennosuke Suemura seems to have been affiliated (been the founder of?) Studio PJ since 1997, through at least 2008.

Or I suppose it could be a different Suemura...

An uncertain relationship to Unlimited Sound Project. Maybe.

KS apparently did some music-type plagiarism here and there but I don't regard so whatever unless relevance.

Known members at one point or another, according to VGMdb:

Supposed gameography to verify:

  • The King of Fighters - Heat of Battle / Nettou The King of Fighters '96 (GB, 1997-08-08)
    • MUSIC BY: Studio PJ Co. LTD
      • (as one might imagine, this largely rearranges a small selection of themes from KOF '96)
  • ...Iru! (PSX, 1998-03-28)
    • MUSIC & SOUND BY: Studio PJ Co. Ltd
    • MUSIC COMPOSER: Kennosuke Suemura
  • Wachenroder (SAT, 1998-08-06)
    • good grief
  • Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers (NDS, 2006-04-25)
    • MUSIC PRODUCER: Kennosuke Suemura
    • GUITAR: Nao Ogawa
    • GIG STAGE BGM MUSIC COMPOSITION / SOUND DESIGN: Katsunari Kitajima (apparently not part of Studio PJ at the time)
      • (this is apparently just for the boss theme, which honestly sounds like a stock piece...)

VGMdb relevant burps:



  • Nova's Genesis MMPR title seems to have been a Ebihara (P.E. Young, semi-confirmed) / Suemura (Ken-chan) join
  • Guilty Gear Judgment was apparently worked on by Ebihara (H. P. Ebihara). Anybody else?
  • Alongside Norihiko Togashi (check), Whirlo/Sandra no Daibouken was apparently composed by an Ebihara (this 'un?) and a Nakanobu (possibly Nobuyuki Nakamura) > game includes arrangements of various Nam-Valkyrie tunes
  • I was going to put something here I ugess