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My name is Andrei (or Andrey, depending on how how translate my name to English - in Russian it is Андрей), 14 years Russian user. English isn't my native language, because Russain is it; however, I hope, I will be able to learn it during speaking with Englismans.

I know three languages, more or less: Russian as native language, some Ukrainian (one schoolman teached it for me from December of 2012 to May of 2013, but I don't really can speak and write on it - simply know some liricks, grammatic, words and worlds constructions), English as the second language.

I knows English verb tenses not very good (mostly because Russian language doesn't really have tenses like Past Perfect; in fact it has simly Past, Present and Future, the charifies between analogues of Past Simple and Past Perfect like in English depends from the sentence sence at all... It's my headache sometimes), so now I can make mistakes. But, I hope, that later I won't wrong in the situations like that.