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My name is Andrei (or Andrey, depending on how how translate my name to English - in Russian it is Андрей - you can name me both variants), 15-years Russian user. I was born in the 5th of December, 1999 in Tomsk. English isn't my native language, because Russain is it.

I played my first computer game when I was 4; when I became 11, I started to play the first non-childish game, Sacred (W32). I still play this sometimes, and still loves it.

I created my first audio song when I was 14. Here is my collection of MIDI music and tunes (or its parts) I created ever. I like to create MIDI music, and sometimes I'm doing it now. I dunno why I chose programs to create MIDI, but I'm glad of choose.

My another hobby is gunpowder weapons. That's why I chose the nick "M1911" - the name of table USA automatic pistol.

I know three languages, more or less: Russian as native language, some Ukrainian (one schoolman teached it for me from December 2012 to May 2013, but I don't really can speak and write on it - simply know some lyrics, grammatic, words and worlds constructions), English as the second language.

User:M1911/For me (Trash or an information don't relly need I saved to work)


Soundracks I've been made

Rips I've been made

Programs described by me

File formats described by me