Ultima Mix

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Ultima Mix
Ultima Mix.jpg
Released 1987-07-21
Publisher Canyon Records
Country Japan   Japan.svg
Catalog CD: D32G-0063, Vinyl: C28G-0478, Cassette: C28P-6714

Ultima Mix is an arranged soundtrack for Ultima: Exodus (NES). The entire album was composed and arranged by Tsugutoshi Goto. The album was released in Japan to promote the NES game. It was released on vinyl, cassette, and CD.

The music has a much higher fidelity than the NES. Each of the arranged tracks used state of the art synthesizers of the time. They feature the original sound of all of the music, but they have numerous additions to the melody. However, the tracks tend to run a bit long, often repeating the main tune four times. This album does not have an arranged version of the original "Eyes of Knives" song from the game, only the fully rendered song.

Tracks 5 and 11 are full songs with vocals and electric guitars and drums. They are based off of the instrumentals of "The Eternal Castle Britannia" and "Eye of Knives" respectively. The lyrics were written by Yasushi Akimoto and the vocals are sung by Noriko Hidaka. These tracks were also released on a 7-inch EP called Ultima: Eyes of Knives / Magnet of the Heart. Some sites incorrectly credit Ken Arnold, the composer of the computer versions of Ultima: Exodus, but none of his music was used in the NES port.

The kanji on the album cover it reads: "ウルティマ ~恐怖のエクソダス~音楽編" which translates to Ultima ~Fear of Exodus~ Music Guide. "Fear of Exodus" is the Japanese subtitle.

Japanese Credits

Sound Producer: 後藤次利 Manipulater [sic]: 藤井丈司, 迫田到 Remix Engineer: 大川正義

Producer: 野間敬男, 野島美津夫 Directer: 須賀正人 Additional Remix Engineer: 赤川新一 Recording Engineer: 吉田陸, 松尾順二, 黒田勝也 Recording Studio: Somewhere, SOUND INN Remix Studio: 音響ハウス, TAKE ONE Co-ordinater [sic]: 佐藤康弘, 大竹茂 Mastering Engineer: 三住和彦

Illustration: もとのりゆき Art Direction & Design: 春田秀桂 Special Thanks: 牛木隆明, 森ます子, 鳥海千恵子, 藪暁彦, 石井準一, 賀川邦彦


Note: The English translation is not official.

# Title Original Title Composer Length
01 The Underground Labyrinth Dungeon 地下迷宮-ダンジョン Tsugutoshi Goto 4:26
02 The Heroes' Journey 勇者たちの旅 Tsugutoshi Goto 3:02
03 The Enigma of Ambrosia アンブロシアの謎 Tsugutoshi Goto 4:41
04 Voyage to the Unknown 未知への航海 Tsugutoshi Goto 3:22
05 The Magnet of the Heart ハートの磁石 (Ultima Mix Version) 5:27
06 Exodus the Terrible 恐怖のエクソダス Tsugutoshi Goto 4:45
07 A Peaceful Town やすらぎの町 Tsugutoshi Goto 2:13
08 Sacred War 聖なる戦い Tsugutoshi Goto 1:57
09 The Eternal Castle Britannia 永遠の城ブリタニア Tsugutoshi Goto 3:12
10 The Return of the Champion 覇者の帰還 Tsugutoshi Goto 4:02
11 Ultima - Eyes of Knives ウルティマ-瞳のナイフ (Ultima Mix Version) 4:17