U.S. Gold

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U.S. Gold
U.S. Gold - 01.png
Founded 1984-??-??
Closed c. 1996-04-??
Headquarters Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

U.S. Gold was a popular video game publishing company. Despite their name, as well as their tagline All-American Software, the company was founded in England in 1984. It was founded by Geoff Brown to publish games for Centresoft. The company published for almost every platform during its lifetime. The company eventually opened an office in the US (U.S. Gold Inc.), France (U.S. Gold France), and Germany (U.S. Gold Computerspiele GmbH).

The company started having financial difficulties when some deals with other companies were retracted. The company merged with CentreSoft and became CentreGold Plc Group. During its lifetime, the company owned a few game development studios such as Silicon Dreams, as well as Core Design. In April 1996, U.S. Gold was acquired by Eidos Interactive. They kept Core Design but decided not to use the U.S. Gold brand anymore. The company found its way back into the hands of the original founded, Geoff Brown, and the company was then renamed to Geoff Brown Holdings.


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