Tyranthraxus' Lair - Pool of Radiance (NES)

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Tyranthraxus' Lair
Composer Seiji Toda
Released 1991-06-28

Tyranthraxus' Lair plays when the party exploring Tyranthraxus' Lair, the final part of the game.

The song plays in the 6/8 time signature and is in C minor, and plays at approximately 114 BPM. The song starts out with a piano-like instrument descending up and down a C diminished chord, which loops throughout most of the song. The bass and second square wave then play a menacing phrase in unison. Also, as the song progresses, the drums make more of a presence. Near the end of the song, the instruments ascent up a chromatic scale, and the lead instrument does 16th note trills respective to the scales. Then the instruments stop while the drums finish. Then, after a short silence, the song loops from the beginning.

The song was written by Seiji Toda in Music Macro Language. Seiji should be contacted for an official title.


Pool of Radiance (PC98)

Platform - PC98.png
Pool of Radiance (PC98)
Output - OPNA.svg
Arranger Masayuki Kurinaga
Released 1989-12-21
Length 0:42
BPM 111
Format VGZ
Loops Yes

Pool of Radiance (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Pool of Radiance (NES)
Output - NES.svg
Pool of Radiance - NES - Tyranthraxus' Lair.png
Arranger Seiji Toda
Released 1991-06-28
Length 0:41
BPM 114
Format NSF
Loops Yes