Tsukasa Tawada

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Tsukasa Tawada
Local 多和田吏 (たわだ つかさ)
Born 1965/03/24 (Age 53)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases T. Tawada, Adios Amigo, Tawada ももらん! Tsukasa (Momoran), るーと ぶぃっひ たわだ (Ludwig Tawada), Honey Tawada
Website twdstudio.com

Tsukasa Tawada is a Japanese composer, sound designer, and sound programmer who was one of the main composers at Jaleco. He later then worked for Genius Sonority, Inc. composing the music for some of their Pokemon games. One of his best works is for Ihatovo Story, and he has even posted YouTube videos playing songs from the game on the piano.

In the game Whomp 'Em, he goes by the name "Adios Amigo" (a reference to his 'audio' role). Tsukasa says this was just a joke and that he chose the name for himself. He said the Jaleco staff wasn't necessarily forced to use aliases in their games, but they liked to be funny.

Music Development


I planned a spec of the sound driver from Nintendo's technical docs. And a programmer coded its program.


  • Note: Tsukasa also lists Sorcerian for the PC Engine on his old website. However, the game does not give credit to him.
Released Title Sample
1988-03-03 Druid: Kyoufu no Tobira (FDS) (ドルイド 恐怖の扉)
1988-07-29 Radical Bomber!! Jirai-kun (FDS) (らじかるぼんばー!!地雷くん)
1988-09-13 Maniac Mansion (FC) (マニアック マンション)
1988-10-21 Big Challenge! Dogfight Spirit (FDS) (ビッグ チャレンジ!ドッグファイト スピリット)
1989-07-28 Takeda Shingen (PCE) (武田信玄)
1990-??-?? RodLand (ARC)
1990-01-12 Hero Shuugou!! Pinball Party (GB) (ヒーロー集合!!ピンボール パーティ)
1990-02-02 Cadillac (FC) (キャディラック) Composer?
1990-05-29 Jajamaru Gekimaden: Maboroshi no Kinmajou (FC) (じゃじゃ丸撃魔伝 幻の金魔城)
1990-06-29 Moero! Juudou Warriors (FC) (燃えろ!!柔道うお~りあず)
1990-11-30 Square Deal (GB) (キャデラックⅡ)
1990-12-07 Whomp 'Em (NES) (西遊記ワールドⅡ 天上界の魔神)
1991-02-26 Fortified Zone (GB) (怒りの要塞)
1991-09-27 UltraBox 5-gou (ROM2) (ウルトラボックス5号)
1991-12-20 Dungeon Master (SNES) (ダンジョン・マスター)
1992-01-31 UltraBox 6-gou (ROM2) (ウルトラボックス6号)
1992-03-13 Lords of the Rising Sun (TCD) (ロードオブライジングサン)
1992-07-17 Sorcerian (ROM2) Composer?
1992-08-28 Moon Crystal (FC) (ムーンクリスタル)
1992-12-11 RodLand (NES) (妖精物語 ロッド・ランド) Composer
1992-12-?? Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (NES) Sound Driver
1993-03-05 Ihatovo Story (SFC) (イーハトーヴォ物語)
1995-12-09 Dragon Quest VI (SFC) (ドラゴンクエストⅥ)
1996-12-06 Dragon Quest III (SFC) (ドラゴンクエストⅢ)
2000-08-06 Dragon Warrior VII (PS1) (ドラゴンクエストⅦ エデンの戦士たち)
2003-09-05 Shin Kisekae Monogatari (GBA) (新きせかえ物語)
2003-11-21 Pokemon Colosseum (GC) (ポケモンコロシアム)
2005-08-04 Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (NGC) (ポケモンxd 闇の旋風ダーク・ルギア)
2005-10-20 Pokemon Trozei (NDS) (ポケモン トローゼ)
2006-12-14 Pokemon Battle Revolution (WII) (ポケモンバトルレボリューション)
Unreleased Exerion II (NES)
Unreleased Taro's Quest (NES)