Title - Times of Lore

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Composer Martin Galway
Released 1988-??-??
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

The Title track of Times of Lore plays after the title logo is etched into the stone tablet.

Listeners have compared the beginning of the song with the beginning of Every Breath You Take, released five years earlier by The Police.


Times of Lore (C64)

Platform - C64.png
Times of Lore (C64)
Output - SID.svg
Times of Lore - C64 - Title.png
Arranger Martin Galway
Released 1988-??-??
Length 9:12
Format SID
Martin Galway went above the call of duty with the Commodore 64 title track. The song is over 9 minutes long, and features a random number generator to make the tune different every time.
The most complex original tune I did was the 'Times of Lore' title tune, it took 20 days just to do the guitar solos! It has a random number generator which selects different guitar solos, but I didn't realise that people wouldn't leave it looping for its 11-minute duration so the work all got sort of wasted.

Title is track 1 in the SID file.

Times of Lore (AST)

Platform - AST.png
Times of Lore (AST)
Output - SSG.svg
Times of Lore - AST - Title.png
Arranger Nigel Pritchard
Released 1988-??-??
Length 7:28.48
Format SNDH

The song is track 9 in the SNDH file. While the random number generator is gone, the majority of the solos are kept intact and a single play-through is seven and a half minutes long.

Times of Lore (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
Times of Lore (DOS)
Output - OPL2.svg
Output - Philips.svg
Output - Tandy.svg
Times of Lore - DOS - Title.png
Arranger Herman Miller
Released 1989-??-??
Length 5:18.60
Format M, TM

Most of the DOS port's soundtrack is directly comparable to the C64 version, but the title music has the same problem as all the other ports, the random guitar solos are now predetermined. Also, about four minutes of the Commodore track has been removed.

The AdLib and CMS versions of the song are stored in TITLE1.M while the Tandy version is stored in TITLE1.TM, both are installed in the root game path.

Times of Lore (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Times of Lore (NES)
Output - NES.svg
Times of Lore - NES - Title.png
Arranger Katsuhiro Hayashi
Released 1990-12-07
Length 0:57
Format NSF
Katsuhiro Hayashi didn't bother with the complexities of the Commodore 64 intro and just ported the first minute of the song.

Title is track 1 of the NSF file.