Tim 1

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Tim 1
Composer Tim Wright
Released 1991-02-14
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Tim 1 is one of the custom songs made specifically for Lemmings. As the title suggests, the song was composed by Tim Wright. The song begins with a synth melody with a lower pitch harmony accompanied by bass and percussion. After the first couple bars, the song introduces a more twangy voice.








1991-02-14 Lemmings (AMI) Tim Wright UNK
1991-05-?? Lemmings (DOS) Tony Williams 0:47.45 UNK
1991-??-?? Lemmings (ZXS) Unknown AY
1992-11-28 Lemmings (TGCD) Kohei Tanaka 1:54 CD
1995-06-06 Lemmings (W16) Unknown 1:50 MIDI

Lemmings (AMI)

This is the original version of the song.

Lemmings (DOS)

Lemmings - DOS - Builders.png

Tony Williams arranged all the DOS music. The song's internal name is "Tim1".

Lemmings (ZXS)

Tim 1 is the only song for the entire ZX Spectrum port.

Lemmings (TGCD)

Lemmings (W16)

The song's file name is "TIM1P.MID".