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Founded 1987
Headquarters Manchester, England
Website http://www.tiertex.com
Other Names
  • Tiertex Ltd.
  • Tiertex Design Studios

Tiertex is a British video game developer, founded in 1987 by Donald Campbell and John Prince. They were known for converting arcade games to home consoles and computers, sports games, and movie-based video games. Tiertex was one of the most (if not the most) secretive UK-based game developer, as most of their games lacked credits.

Tiertex continues to develop games to this day.


Music Development

Game Boy

MIDI files were converted to Donald Campbell's sound driver. Mark Ortiz was the only composer for their Game Boy games.

Game Gear/Sega Master System

The music was programmed in assembly on a sound driver programmed by Donald Campbell.

Audio Personnel