They're Going to Get You

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They're Going to Get You
Composer Bobby Prince
Released 1993-12-10
Title Origin Official

They're Going to Get You was composed by Bobby Prince to use in Doom games. It is one of the ambient music tracks which has nothing to do with heavy metal, and relies on the eerie atmosphere of a level (like Dark Halls). Bobby Prince worked in Sequencer Plus Gold to compose this track.

This tune appears on the Doom Music album as track number fifteen.


Doom (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
Doom (DOS)
Output - MIDI.svg
Doom - DOS - E2M4.png
Arranger Bobby Prince
Released 1993-12-10
Length 4:10
Format MUS
Loops Yes
Doom (DOS) is the original version to feature They're Going to Get You. It is played in E2M4: Deimos Lab (on the screenshot) and E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly (if you have Ultimate Doom expansion).

Its internal name is "D_E2M4". This track is not included in the shareware version of the game.

Doom (SNES)

Platform - SNES.png
Doom (SNES)
Output - SNES.svg
Doom - SNES - E2M3.png
Arranger Paul Webb
Released 1996-02-29
Length 4:06
Format SNSF
Loops Yes

They're Going to Get You was arranged by Paul Webb to play on SNES' S-SMP chip. Like in the DOS version, the song plays in Deimos Lab (which became Episode 2 Level 3).