Theme - Ninja Scooter Simulator (CPC)

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Output - AY.svg
Ninja Scooter Simulator - CPC - Start.png
Composer Unknown
Arranger Unknown
Released 1988-0?-??
Length 6:07.69
BPM 125
Format YM.png
Game Ninja Scooter Simulator (CPC)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Theme plays as the main menu first appears. It never pauses or restarts, and the game has no other audio.

The music is overwhelmingly remembered in YouTube comments. French Amstrad Cent Pour Cent magazine called it "demented" and "superb" and rated sound 4 out of 4. In 2020, two fans ported and added it to the original ZX Spectrum version (which has only 6 sound effects for its buzzer).

Unfortunately, no credits are known. The music driver is also used in Metro-Cross (CPC) and Beach Buggy Simulator (CPC). It does not resemble Jason Brooke's driver, which was used for a completely different theme on the Commodore 64 port. All 4 games are credited to Probe Software on their loading screen or manual.

Theme was recorded from the main menu in WinAPE Version 2.0 Beta 2.


Melodies play on channels A and B, bass and drums are mixed together on channel C.

All channels have a moderate decay and vibrato. Channel B is detuned when it plays the same note as channel A, preventing both notes from cancelling each other out and adding a chorus effect, best heard on high notes like at 1:49. Arpeggiated chords are slightly quieter, and the melody at 1:19 has two pitch bends.