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TerraTec Electronic GmbH
Founded 1994
Headquarters Nettetal, Germany

TerraTec is a German multimedia peripheral manufacturer. The company begin in 1994 manufacturing video cards, but later switched to sound cards, and have since expanded to various multimedia devices like speakers, webcams, mice, TV tuners, and video capture cards.

Audio Personnel

This section should list the engineers who designed the soundcards and the composers who wrote music for their bundled software.


Sound Devices

  • Base 1
  • EWS64 L
  • EWS64 XL
  • ESW64 XXL
  • ESW64 S
  • Maestro 32/96
  • Solo 1
  • XLerate Pro
  • DMX XFire
  • SiXPack
  • 512i Digital
  • Soundsystem DMX
  • Aureon 5.1
  • Aureon 7.1
  • Aureon 7.1 PCIe