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NOTES A: Additional music in the original game

Part of what makes the various Japanese conversions of the game interesting is the fact that they add a considerable amount of new songs to the original score, which - outside of cutscenes - largely consisted of various fanfares, jingles, stings and cues. Setting aside any debate about the good and bad points of such a substantial change, it certainly is a different experience to hear various themes for both platforming and combat. Starting with the mid-1990 PC-98 release and the early 1991 X68k version with FM audio, then CD audio for the Turbo CD, FM Towns and Sega CD over the next year, and then the SNES version at about the same time as the Sega CD version. I've yet to track down details on the FM Towns and PC-98 versions of the sequel, though....

Assorted credits and notes:

  • PC-98 - Toshiya Yamanaka (as a subcontractor, according to an interview on shmuplations). I believe this is also the only version of the original game to get a soundtrack release (PSCX-1016)
  • X68k - Looks to be arranged from Yamanaka's score by "Joll Joll Club" - a curious pseudonym, never heard of them before
  • Turbo CD - arranged from Yamanaka's score by T's Music (so who knows). There may be a new track? A few songs aren't CD audio (the regular fight themes)
  • FM Towns - Hiroaki Iwatani (and a Special Thanks to T's Music), appears to just be the Turbo CD version again? Need to compare. Songs may be used differently.
  • SNES - Toshiya Yamanaka and Tetsuya Nakano created a new set of music for this version (Yamanaka apparently joined Arsys around this time) - a single track was on TIM-SFC04
  • Sega CD - (sound not credited? done by someone within Bits Laboratory?). Appears to be a new CD audioarrangement of Yamanaka's original score, including the battle themes that were previously arranged on chip

I suppose it isn't really that notable if you think of it as only two new full scores for the game (with one being arranged multiple times), but I really enjoy finding out about these "parallel history" aspects of internationally released games. OSVGI (talk) 09:45, 5 April 2019 (EDT)