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Song names

Just wanted to drop a FYI, that at least three songs have known official names however I don't think anyone knows which song is which. Old shareware versions of the game include a file called COPYRITE.TXT with the following contents:

Special thanks to Keith Schuler,
for his contribution to Dark Ages.

Keith wrote three exceptional songs
that appear in Dark Ages, and he
retains exclusive rights to each:

 1) Dark Ages - Air
 2) Dark Ages - Fire
 3) Dark Ages - Water

All copyright 1991 (c) Keith Schuler

Curious is also the fact that only three songs are mentioned... Boss and Lava River are definitely by him since somewhat altered versions of these appear in an early version of Realms of Chaos. --Litude (talk) 18:32, 11 November 2014 (MST)