Takeshi Santo

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Takeshi Santo
Local 山藤武志 (さんとう たけし)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Shant, Shanto

Takeshi Santo is a Japanese game developer. He worked for Compile around 1987. Around 1989, Takeshi left Compile and created his own game development studio, Sting, in which other Compile staff followed. He is most likely related to Yasue Santo, who composed music for Psycho Chaser and Override for the PC-Engine.

While working on sound at Compile, he usually worked with their other in-house composer, Masatomo Miyamoto. He is probably best known in the west for his work on The Guardian Legend.


Released Title Sample Notes
1987-??-?? Golvellius (MSX) (魔王ゴルベリアス) With Masatomo Miyamoto.
1988-02-05 The Guardian Legend (NES) (ガーディック外伝) With Masatomo Miyamoto.
1988-02-29 Power Strike (SMS) (アレスタ) With Masatomo Miyamoto and Shin-kun.
1988-08-03 Tombs & Treasure (NES) (太陽の神殿) With Masatomo Miyamoto.
1988-08-14 Golvellius: Valley of Doom (SMS) (魔王ゴルベリアス) With Masatomo Miyamoto, Shin-kun, and Pazu.
1988-??-?? Power Strike (MSX) (アレスタ) With Masatomo Miyamoto and Shin-kun.
1990-04-06 Psycho Chaser (PCE) (サイコチェイサー) Sound Effect (sic)
1991-01-08 Override (PCE) (オーバーライド) Sound Effect (sic)
2002-08-03 Digital Monsters: D-Project (WSC) (デジタルモンスター ディープロジェクト) Sound Driver