Takashi Tateishi

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Takashi Tateishi
Takashi Tateishi - 1.jpg
Local 崇立石 (たていし たかし)
Born November 23, 1964 (Age 47)
Birth Place
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases T. Tateishi, G5 Tateishi, Ogeretsu Kun, Ogeretsukun, Ogeretu Kun, Goma.Surio

Takashi Tateishi (also known as Ogeretsu Kun) is a Japanese composer who worked for Capcom and Konami. He is best known as the primary composer in Mega Man II (NES).


Released Title Sample Notes
1988-12-24 Mega Man II (NES)
Arranged some of Manami Matsumae's music.
1989-02-?? LED Storm (ARC)
1989-06-?? Willow (ARC)
1991-05-03 Cocoron (FC)
1991-07-26 U.N. Squadron (SNES) Round 3
1993-01-?? Batman Returns (NES)
1993-11-?? Batman: The Animated Series (GB)
1993-11-?? Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Montana's Movie Madness (GB)
Unreleased Titan Warriors (NES) Sound Effects

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