Takashi Saito

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Takeshi Saito
Local 斎藤 敬 (さいとう たかし)
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases T.Saito

Takashi Saito is a Japanese composer and sound designer. He did the music and sound for a few games by a mysterious game developer. In Circus Lido, he's credited as working for Athena.

Music Development

Game Boy

Takashi used a sound driver by Masashi Itoi.


For Fastest 1, Takashi used a sound driver by Masashi Itoi. Thunder Pro Wrestling uses an unknown custom sound driver, but it is possible Masashi Itoi programmed that one as well.


Takeshi only did the music for one SNES game, which was released exclusively in Japan. He used the DBOOT sound engine by Opus (the No SndMnger version).


  • Note: Garfield no Isshukan gives credit to a "T. Saito" as a collaborator, a credit which appears after the composer credit to K. Yajima. It is unknown if this is an audio credit or special thanks credit.
Released Title Sample
1989-04-07 Garfield no Isshukan: A Week of Garfield (FC) (ガーフィールドの一週間) Collaborator?
1990-02-23 Taikyoku Renju (GB) (対局連珠)
1990-10-05 Fish Dude (GB) (うお〜ず)
1991-04-26 Circus Lido (PCE) (サーカスライド)
1992-03-27 Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden (SMD) (サンダープロレスリング列伝)
1994-08-26 Yokozuna Monogatari (SFC) (横綱物語)
Unreleased Dino Force (PCE) Composer?