Super Mario Land (GB)

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Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land - GB - USA.jpg
Platform: Game Boy
Year: 1989-04-21
Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Buy: Amazon

Super Mario Land is a scrolling platformer and shooter designed by Nintendo as one of the launch titles for their handheld Game Boy. The game is largely based on Super Mario Bros. (NES); the player controls Mario, you collect coins, super mushrooms, and fire flowers from question mark blocks, and you stomp on goombas and koopa troopers as you make your way through several stages before confronting a boss at the end. There exist many changes as well, there are several new enemies, your fireballs ricochet off walls and can be used to collect coins, and there are new scrolling-shooter levels.

Super Mario Land was extremely popular and became the third best-selling game for the Game Boy selling over 18 million copies[1].


Super Mario Land - GB - Title.png

Mario is looking a little green.

Super Mario Land - GB - World 1.png

Early in World 1-1.





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