Super International Cricket (SNES)

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Super International Cricket
Super International Cricket - SNES.jpg
Platform: SNES
Year: 1994
Developer: Beam Software

Super International Cricket is a port of the NES game International Cricket. The SNES version has some improvements and downgrades compared to its NES counterpart. For example, the SNES version brings better graphics but has been majorly downgraded in the audio department. You pick two teams; one for your team and another for the computer. Then, you must compete in two games to win the game. Like the NES version there is no tournament mode where you play up against all of the teams. The game was only released in Australia and was published by Beam's very own publishing company, Laser Beam Entertainment.


Super International Cricket - SNES - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Super International Cricket - SNES - Gameplay 1.png

Selecting players. Could that be the composer?

Super International Cricket - SNES - Gameplay 2.png

Playing cricket.

Super International Cricket - SNES - Gameplay 3.png

Winning the World Series.

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The music in Super International Cricket is very well composed, but has been downgraded, as there's only three songs in the game, one of which is unused. Seeing how long a game can go, the in-game music you'll either grow to love or hate. In the NES version, there were eighteen songs. Both versions of the game were composed by Marshall Parker, though oddly enough, he didn't convert any of his NES tunes to the SNES. Marshall sequenced the music on his Roland MV-30, which was then converted to the SNES sound driver written by Andrew Bailey. The instruments come from Marshall's MV-30 and possibly his other Roland sequencers. The song names come from the SPC rip.


# Title ComposerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 Title Screen Marshall ParkerAndrew Bailey 1:38
02 Playing a Game of Cricket Marshall ParkerAndrew Bailey 3:20
03 Unused Song Marshall ParkerAndrew Bailey 1:11



In the NES version, you had to complete the game to get the credits. In the SNES version, after completing the game, you are brought back to the title screen. Instead, the credits for the SNES version are in the instruction manual.

Technically, the credits are in the game. Since Beam Software didn't have the rights to use the real names of cricket players, they named some of the players after their staff members. Marshall Parker appears in the Australian team as M. Parker and Gavan Anderson appears in the England team as G. Anders.

Game Rip







  Australia.svg   Australia
Super International Cricket - SNES.jpg
Title: Super International Cricket
Platform: SNES
Released: 1994-??-??
Publisher: Laser Beam Entertainment