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  | Game        = Stuck in Castle Nessenstein
  | Game        = Stuck in Castle Nessenstein
  | Platform    = NES
  | Platform    = NES
  | Recording  = 02 - Stuck in Castle Nesselstein - NES - Mansion Loader.ogg
  | Recording  = 02 - Stuck in Castle Nessenstein - NES - Mansion Loader.ogg

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Stuck in Castle Nessenstein
Platform: NES
Year: 2005
Developer: Micol972
Online: Download

For another games inspired by Wolfenstein 3D, see Wolfenstein.

More the demo test, than the game, however, Stuck in Castle Nessenstein also can make fun.

The genre of the game looks like FPS, but because this game was never ended, it's hard to give the genre to this game.

Actually the game has only title screen and the first level. The in-game GUI looks like the version in the Wolfenstein 3D (DOS) game, but it's actually fake. You cannot change your weapon, increase or lose health (it's always "6502 %"), life (you'll always have 3). You cannot fight, and the sprite of your fist can't move. The GUI shows the sprite of Mario from Super Mario Bros. (NES) istead of Willian Jozepf Blazkowicz.

There are no enemies - only the map and the first level. No sprites on the level, no chance to exit without the reboot of the system or emulator itself. The walls have no shading or picture on it - only colored with one or two colors. But the game is the very nice trying of making Wolfenstein 3D engine-style pseudo-3D raycast on NES platform.

Due to this features, this game may be barely considered as the NES port of Wolfenstein 3D (DOS).

The title of the game is obviousle the play-on-words between "Castle Wolfenstein" and "NES" platform.


Stuck in Castle Nessenstein - NES - Title.png

The title screen.

Stuck in Castle Nessenstein - NES - Level 1 Starting.png

Starting the game.

Stuck in Castle Nessenstein - NES - Level 1 Moving.png

Exploring the only level in this game.

Stuck in Castle Nessenstein - NES - Level 1 Wall.png

Another place of the level.

Stuck in Castle Nessenstein - NES - Level 1 Stuck.png

This may be the reason that's why they choose the name "Stuck in Castle Nessenstein". Really stuck!

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The in-game music has nothing with the original music of Bobby Prince or Koji Kondo. But it makes fun - even the electric guitar solo was created.


There are two tracks in-game - title and level.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title (March of the Mods) Joe LossMicol972 0:57
02 Mansion Loader Matt GrayMicol972 2:34


  • Ripper: N/A
  • Recorder: M1911
    • Not Credited Composer: MiC

(Game lacks audio credits.)

The game only credits the programmer of the game, who probably also composed and arrangered the music.

Game Rip





Due to the homebrew nature of this game, the music still needs to be ripped. The music was recorded from the game using FCEUS 2.2.2.

Audio Devices

The game use standard RP2A03 for music. The game doesn't have any sounds.


  World.svg   World
Title: Stuck in Castle Nessenstein
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Released: 2005-??-??
Publisher: Unknown