Spencer Nilsen

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Spencer Nilsen
Spencer Nilsen - 1.jpg
Born April 9, 1961 (Age 51)
Birth Place Novato, California
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases Spencer N. Nilsen
Website spencernilsen.com

Spencer Nilsen is an American video game music composer who has scored many Sega games. He is probably best known because of his work on Sonic CD. He wrote music mainly for the Sega CD but also did the Genesis and Sega Saturn consoles.


Released Title Sample
1993/??/?? Ecco the Dolphin (SCD)
1993/??/?? Jurassic Park (SCD)
1993/05/?? Batman Returns (SCD)
1993/09/23 Sonic CD (SCD)
1993/11/03 The Amazing Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin (SCD)
1995/??/?? Cyber Speedway (SS)
1995/??/?? World Series Baseball '95 (GEN)
1995/04/01 Daytona USA (SS)