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  • ...atoes''''' is an action-platformer developed by Imagineering and published by T*HQ. The game is based on the 1990 cartoon show of the same name, which it well as its poor control. This could be due to the game being developed by only three people.
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  • ...Tchaikovsky''''' was a Russian composer. In 1884, Tchaikovsky was honored by Tsar Alexander III and received a lifetime pension as a result. | Piano Concerto No. 1; Arranged by [[Norihiro Atsumi]]?
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  • '''''Changing Keys'''''' is an instrumental piece written by Merv Griffen. It has been used as the theme song for the NBC primetime game | Arranger = {{Arranger|Mark Van Hecke}}, {{Arranger|Jim Wallace}}, {{Arranger|Steve Melillo}}
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