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  • ...e, she was given an opportunity to interview at [[Capcom]] as a video game music composer. She was hired and worked there from around 1987 to 1990, composin ...[[Strider]] reboots. After leaving Capcom, Tamiya continued to work in the music field as a composer, arranger, and producer for concerts and stage performa
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  • ...the music. If you can add any information towards ripping or recording the music, please do. All of the Dungeons and Dragons games have their music data stored in the MUSIC.DAX file and the sound effects in the SOUND.DAX file. A way must be found t
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  • ...]. He is known for his outstanding work in [[Platoon (C64)]], [[Rambo III (C64)]], [[Jurassic Park (NES)]] and [[Robocop (CPC)]]. ==Music Composition==
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  • ...y Grammar School. His favorite subjects were French and geography, but not music because there was much more history than theory and practice. After leaving ...usicon Design]]. From that point on, he was sometimes offered so many game music jobs that he had to decline and have given to [[Rob Hubbard]] and other com
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  • ...John doesn't do music for games anymore, he continues to compose and play music to this day. ==Music Development==
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  • ...n creating music on the Spectrum via machine code, and Tim later wrote the music driver and soundtrack for their first professional game, Subterranean Stryk ...tions' SNES and Genesis development, the Follins would usually compose the music to the SNES versions while [[Tony Williams]] converted their compositions t
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  • ...d to Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear. Before or afterwards, he attended music college for 3 years. ...ho saw the games liked the music most, so he decided to specialize on game music and spammed for about 8 months by mail and phone.
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  • ...hts to publish a large bundle of arcade game music in the [[Legend of Game Music: Premium Box]]. Among the games include was Top Secret, Bionic Commando's J This song was included on the [[Legend of Game Music: Premium Box]] album. It's track 52 on disc 3, and it has the title "大要
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  • ...was then interviewed and tested and by 1989 he was hired and started doing music for games. Rage (GEN)]], they hired [[Jason Page]] and [[Rob Lord]] to compose the music instead.
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  • ...ted writing music for games when he was only 16. Jeroen continues to write music for his Commodore 64 to this day. Jeroen appreciates his fans' support over ...usic and sound composer for The Visionaire Group, and continues to compose music for games to this day. He even still runs Maniacs of Noise, which has grown
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  • ...'. The song is played at an incredible tempo making it a difficult tune to master. It is featured in several games because it has long since been in the publ ===Buzz Off! (C64)===
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  • ...'Allister Brimble''''' is an English musician famous for his C64 and Amiga music. ...Commodore 64 and Amiga music. Allister Brimble still continues to compose music and sound for games to this day.
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  • ...Mark Cooksey''''' is a British composer who has been working on video game music ever since the 1980s and is one of the better known game musicians. ...[[Commodore 64]] music driver, and next, and unexpectedly, with composing music for almost all of Elite's games.
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  • ...[[We M.U.S.I.C.]] (We Make Use of Sound In Computers) to get paid for the music they composed for computer games. In spring 1987, Crowther quit to focus on ...f the game, Chris Harvey swears by it that Daglish did in fact work on the music and sound.
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  • ...eing played during a boss battle. There are many other songs used for boss music that are not named ''Boss''. ...ittle Nemo: The Dream Master (NES)|Boss]]''' from [[Little Nemo: The Dream Master (NES)]].
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  • | Title = Voice Master | Image = Covox Voice Master.jpg
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  • | BoxArt = Insects In Space - C64 - USA.jpg | Image = Insects In Space - C64 - Loading.png
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  • | BoxArt = Nemesis the Warlock - C64 - USA.jpg ...e. You play Nemesis and it's up to you to defeat the Torquemada, the Grand Master of Termight. He sends waves of Terminators at you, and you must defeat them
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  • ...latforms. The ZX Spectrum port isn't as good as the [[Nemesis the Warlock (C64)|Commodore 64]] version. ==Music==
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  • ...later. Sam then founded Play It Again Studios, in which he still composes music and sound for games today as a freelancer. ==Music Composition==
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