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  • | Name = Idea-Tek ...licensed NES games. In 1991, the company was ceased to exit and was bought by [[Micro Genius]]/TXC Corp.
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  • ...ducational software, but quickly branched out into many different types of games. They were one of the earlier companies to branch out into the world market ...inscape was bought by [[The Learning Company]], which itself was purchased by [[Mattel]] which in turn sold it to the Gore Technology Group. In March 200
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  • ...y changed its name with Asder Electronic Co. and produced more pirated NES games until 1994, when the company switched to the educational game consoles prod ==Games==
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  • ...cartridge, which contained fifteen independent games which were published by AVE, and even a few Color Dreams titles made it in the mix. ==Games==
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  • ...[[Idea-Tek]], another Taiwanese game developer who produced unlicensed NES games. C&E was known for producing the NES game Bubble Bath Babes, later re-relea ...erican Video Entertainment]]. In Japan, their games were usually published by [[Hacker International]] (ハッカー・インターナショナル).
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  • ...ished from 1993 to 1996. It was not the first introductory music ever used by Apogee, but it was the first that was reused to identify the brand. ...the first incarnation was most likely in the program's [[SNG]] format. For games using [[IMF]], Prince would export the songs to [[MIDI]] and then use a pro
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  • ...ted fighting games. They are known for their frequent advertising in their games and having many aliases. ==Games==
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  • | Aliases = Games Express ...ra. The company published pornographic video games in Japan. Most of their games that made it outside of Japan were changed to not feature pornographic mate
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