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  • ...British composer and sound designer for all kinds of media including video games. Ever since 1982, he has been working with [[Marten Joustra]] at their comp | Music arranged by [[Wang Yueli]].
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  • ...upon beating certain bosses in the ''Contra'' games. The tune was composed by [[Kazuki Muraoka]]. The title is unofficial. ==Games==
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  • ...them have composed music for over 1500 titles for television, film, video games, radio, and more. Marten and Andy have started Swallow Studios where they c The Randy Newman track for "You've Got A Friend In Me" we did was all by ear.
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  • ...Mickey Mania 7. From 2000 to 2002, Sachen released four new Game Boy Color games (three of which were NES ports) which would be their final new releases. When they developed [[Game Boy]] games, they usually went under the moniker Commin.
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  • '''''You've Got a Friend in Me''''' is a song written by Randy Newman for use in the movie Toy Story. The song has been recreated an ==Games==
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  • ...developers. In this case, it was developed by Ex-Sachen developers headed by programmer Ei How Yang. The game is unlicensed. ...icensed game, as well as the sound designer Wang Yueli had to do the music by ear. It sounds like the music was slightly based off the Windows version's
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