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  • ...ian pool and watches Cupid fly down and swim around. The song was composed by [[William Goldstein]]. The song uses a woodwind melody with harp harmony to ==Games==
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  • While MS-DOS was by far the most popular disk operating system at the time, similar disk operat ==Games==
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  • '''Recordings''' of video game soundtracks can be submitted by any user but they must adhere to the following rules. For an example of a r ==Games==
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  • overtake [[DOS]] because of its more friendly graphical user interface. Games have been made for Windows all through it's history, but they didn't start work in each block. However, due to the nature of drivers, DLLs, etc., games are sometimes fickle even within a block. When documenting a Windows game,
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  • ...e more modern games often have detailed credits similar to movies, earlier games had ambiguous credits, if they existed even at all. This page explains the ...played in a game. In the early days of video games, composers were limited by weak audio chips, and often had to use very creative ways of fitting a good
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  • M various output devices including [[AdLib]], [[Creative Music System]], Roland [[MT-32]], [[Sound Master]], [[SSI 2001]], and [[Tandy 3 Voice]], although ...lusive]] data for any [[Roland]] devices. Sysex data is sent to the device by the game engine before the song is played. If you plan on recording your ow
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  • :''For other games in the series see [[Doom (series)|Doom]].'' to neutralize the hostiles only to be blow to chunky bits or possessed by the enemy. You play the last living marine and you must try and save the wo
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  • ...tably the [[Ultima]] series which has used the song in the majority of its games as a theme for Lord British. ==Games==
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  • | Developer = [[Roland]] ...musicians as a budget synthesizer with an original list price of $695. The Roland MT-32 was made prior to the creation of [[General MIDI]], so it uses a prop
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  • The following are for games that don't yet have a page, but some progress has been made towards getting ==Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Games==
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  • This music format was used by Electronic Arts form 1989 to 1992. Below is technical specs on the format s ==Games==
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  • ...Digital Interface (MIDI)''''' is a sound format created in the early 1980s by Dave Smith of Sequential Circuits, Inc. in order to make a standard format ...(MIDI File Format) or SMF (Standard MIDI File). The KAR extension is used by karaoke software, but is still a plain MIDI file.
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  • ...synthesis engine using a limited set of instrument sounds licensed from [[Roland]]. ==Games==
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  • ...n sold in many different forms from fully encapsulated appliances like the Roland [[MT-32]], to sound cards like the [[Sound Blaster]], to microchips like th | [[SoundMan Games]]
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  • used by most games that support MIDI devices for audio output (like the Roland [[MT-32]] and [[LAPC-I]]) instead of the more ubiquitous sound systems of t For games that use SysEx data, the ripped music files won't sound proper unless the M
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  • ...p soundtracks that made him popular. Whittaker has scored around 100 video games on many platforms each, probably more than any other video game musician. ...cro]] using a machine code monitor. As his game music was better than that by other programmers, music became a full-time job. He bought a [[Commodore 64
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  • ...ust 2008, Grant left Rare and went on to be the audio director at Big Huge Games until May 2012. He currently serves as a composer for all sorts of media at ...m via a sequencer and wrote the tunes. Most instrument samples came from a Roland JV1080.}}
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  • ...struments that will play the ROL instructions. In particular, ROL was used by [[Ad Lib]] and their [[AdLib Visual Composer]] program. ...e claimed that it predates Ad Lib and is an abbreviation for the company [[Roland]], however, this seems unlikely since the format only stores [[OPL2]] data,
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  • ...shall has also taken on the task of music porting from arcade and computer games such as Smash T.V. and Narc, as well as arranging the Star Wars soundtrack ...ll as their only NES game Last Action Hero. When they were developing Sega games, [[Matt Furniss]] would work on the music and sound for most of them.
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  • ...1983 and continues on to this very day. He has composed music for over 200 games. Often seen sporting a cowboy hat, this Texan has an entire sound team (Tea ...r one of his games, so he asked David if he could compose the music to his games and David said yes. George composed his first video game soundtrack for Dav
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