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  • ...ave a name with a prefix, which is capitalized, followed, without a space, by the main name, which is also capitalized: [[Andi McGinty]]. ...anji. For European composers such as Peter Gosztola, his Hungarian name is Gosztola Péter, so it should be put in this field.
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  • ...along. Tim and Geoff composed the music to a vast majority of their video games, including all of their NES titles. During Software Creations' SNES and Gen ...8 months due to the company filing for bankruptcy. While 3 games were made by the company, only ''Ultraverse Prime / Microcosm'' got released, with Time
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  • ...similar manner to [[Rare]], but when they started developing Sega Genesis games, the company would've been better about game credits. ==Games==
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  • and sound designer, best known for [[Maniac Mansion]] and several games by [[Epyx]]. ...Grigg freelanced for [[Electronic Arts]] and [[Epyx]]; after [[California Games (C64)|one game]] for Epyx, he became their music and sound director. After
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  • which were converted to Novotrade's sound engine, programmed by [[Peter Gosztola]]. However, it is unknown what software András used to create his MIDI fil | [[California Games (GEN)]]
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  • | Name = Peter Gosztola | Local = Gosztola Péter
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  • | Name = Peter Gosztola | Programmers = [[Peter Gosztola]]
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  • ...buted music and sound effects to most of them. He also worked at BreakAway Games as a producer. ...nd Homeworld contain songs performed by Seibert, but not actually composed by him, so they remain off his gameography.
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  • ...blished in arcades by Taito America. Qix is one of a handful of games made by Taito's American division. At the start of each level, the playing field is The NES version was converted by [[Appaloosa Interactive|Novotrade International]] of Impossible Mission II
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  • ...s, and level design by Pete Scott. Lyon was the artist for other Microdeal games in the late 1980s, such as Goldrunner. 150 sales for the platform. A version for the NES was under development by Novotrade and Tengen (without a Nintendo license), but cancelled.
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