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  • ...and Tower of Druaga, which convinced him to try composing music for video games. He has a fondness for older 8 and 16 bit audio chips and thinks that the o | Arranged by [[Osamu Kasai]] and [[Masaaki Harada]].
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  • ==Games== | Arranger = {{Arranger|Osamu Kasai}}, {{Arranger|Masaaki Harada}}
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  • ...ost of these games only ever saw release in Japan. The company also ported games to consoles, such as Last Armageddon, Ys, and Tiger Road. In addition, the ...e consoles, but since their name doesn't appear in-game, and most of these games lack the polish of staff credits, it's hard to confirm. Sometimes, they are
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  • ...on adventure game developed by Advance Communication Company and published by Toho. In this game, you play as a young boy named Tim with his sister Judy. ...rning Wild Man''''', but still contains the same levels, bosses, and bonus games as the US version, just in different order. Though, the Japanese version is
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  • ...arious other composers. While Michiharu no longer composes music for video games, he still continues to compose music and has written VSTs on the side. ...le channel. He also almost never used the 50% and 75% square waves offered by the NES, and usually only used the 12.5% and 25% square waves.
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  • tell which company he worked for. Because he was only credited in three games, there's little information known about him. It is suspected he served as a | With [[Osamu Kasai]] and [[Masaaki Harada]].
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  • ...It was used to create music and sound effects for the NES for at least 13 games. It was also used in one [[Famicom Disk System]] game, but the FDS expansio ...programming the driver, as they have been credited for programming in some games.
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  • ==Games== | Arranger = {{Arranger|Osamu Kasai, Masaaki Harada}}
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  • ...odest Mussorgsky, composed originally for the piano but has been performed by many symphonies. ==Games==
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  • the song is public domain, numerous television shows, movies, and video games have used this song. Ode to Joy normally is supposed to play in the key of D, but other games have altered it.
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  • '''''Three Marches Militaires''''' is a song by [[Franz Schubert]]. It is unknown exactly when the song was written, but is The song was written in the key of D major, but some games play it in a different key.
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  • .... Jekyll; he can attack enemies. He can either punch with the B button, or by holding Up and pressing B, you will fire Mr. Hyde's Psycho-Wave, a powerful ...can pass Jekyll's place on the final stage without fear of getting struck by lightning because he goes up to the rooftops, thus separating their paths.
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  • action-platformer game developed by Advance Communication and published by Hudson in Japan and NEC in North America. The game was released as a pack-i reviews from gamers and critics alike. However, like ACC's other action games, the game offers infinite continues.
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  • ...ication Company (TG16)''''' is an unofficial name of the sound driver used by the game developer [[Advance Communication Company]] for their TurboGrafx-1 ...e first game to use the driver, Keith Courage in Alpha Zones was published by Hudson, and Advance Communication Company also developed a game for them fo
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  • ...ny up until around 1996. While working there, she scored the music to many games in the [[Dragon Slayer]] and [[Ys]] franchises. Mieko never wrote for the NES, but her compositions were arranged by [[Advance Communication Company]]'s sound team in [[Sound Routine (NES Driv
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  • :''For other games in the series, see [[Ys]].'' '''''Ys''''' is a Japanese action role-playing game originally developed by [[Nihon Falcom]] for several Japanese home computers before arriving on the
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  • :''For other games in the series, see [[Ys]].'' ...irst game; you move Adol through a top-down perspective, and fight enemies by running into them. However, Ys II adds a magic ability that Adol can use to
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  • Hideya no longer works on music or video games. Hideya never wrote for the NES, but his compositions were arranged by [[Advance Communication Company]]'s sound team in [[Sound Routine (NES Driv
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  • :''For other games in the series, see [[Ys]].'' ...n the ''Ys'' series. The game keeps the same mechanics of the previous two games, though this game plays in an side-view similar to ''Castlevania'', but the
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