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  • ...sic from other games that Beam was porting to home consoles. Some of these games include Smash TV (NES/SNES), the aforementioned Star Wars (NES), and even a on [[Nightshade (NES)]], both of which have received several remixes by fans.
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  • ...d voices in them, too. When Gavan began working too hard, he asked [[Tania Smith]] to join Beam and she accepted. He knew Tania through [[Marshall Parker]], ...lso one of the unique video game musicians, as he never composed music for games and only ported music or used public domain music. However, he did create h
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  • ...icians and its public domain status have made its use commonplace in video games. ==Games==
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  • '''''Piano Sonata No. 2 In B-flat Minor''''' (Op. 35) was composed by Frédéric Chopin. Most of the work was composed in 1839, but the third mov ==Games==
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  • | Name = Mike Smith ...[Odyssey Software]], a company that made unlicensed NES games. Sadly, Mike Smith died of liver complications.
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  • ...blished by [[American Video Entertainment]]. Odyssey developed three other games for the NES; Backgammon, Cue Stick, and Poker, but they were never released ==Games==
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  • Vickers was introduced to music at an early age, and by the time he began college, he could already play the piano and guitar. A course on the Physics of Music (taught by Dewey Lawson) was a big influence on my career. Most of the courses at that
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  • ...e Follin''''' is the brother of [[Geoff Follin]] and [[Tim Follin]]. While Mike Follin was a programmer, he only did non-music related programming. He is t ...ntinel was considered by fellow programmers as one of the top five classic games on that platform.
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  • ...ー・キャノン (Matthew Cannon)<br />Matt Cannon<br>Mat Cannon<br>Joe Smith ...n started working at [[Software Creations]], where he worked on their SNES games.
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  • '''''Root Beer Rag''''' is a ragtime-styled song composed by Billy Joel from the 1974 album ''Streetlife Serenade''. The song plays at a ==Games==
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  • :''This page is for NES release of Blackjack. For other games in the series see [[Blackjack]].'' ...ack''''' is an unlicensed game developed by Odyssey Software and published by American Video Entertainment. The game is just basic blackjack, but with so
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  • ...official name of the sound driver used at [[Beam Software]] for their NES games. The name of the driver is a portmanteau of the words "Nintendo" and "Synth ...e didn't do any additional audio work for Beam. [[Marshall Parker]], Tania Smith, and Gavan Anderson had all used this driver. However, Gavan only helped wi
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  • ...known for their several poor-quality video games. The company was founded by Jack Friedman, whose previous boss was named Norman J. Lewis. His initials ...veloped the video games they published. In reality, LJN only published the games, and outsourced their development to companies such as [[Atlus]], [[Bits St
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  • ...ased by American Video Entertainment. As the name suggests, it contains 15 games, most of which had already been released separately and were unlicensed. The games are as follows:
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  • Solitaire has a short soundtrack by Mike Smith, Odyssey Software's in-house composer. The main in-game tune is 2 minutes i Mike wrote his music on his keyboard and then had it converted to George's sound
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  • | Composer = {{Composer|Mike Smith}} ...board, which was converted to Odyssey Software's NES sound driver, written by [[George Rucker]].
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  • ...Jr. Presents Major League Baseball''''' is one of many baseball simulation games for the SNES. The game features the MLB player Ken Griffey Jr. The game fea ...taff were taken to Seattle, Washington to develop the game), and published by Nintendo themselves.
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