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  • :''For other games in the series see [[King's Quest]].'' ...cing the Throne''''' is a graphical adventure game developed and published by [[Sierra On-Line]] in 1987 and sequel to [[King's Quest: Quest For the Crow
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  • ...e in the ''Space Quest'' series of light-hearted science fiction adventure games. In the story, you play a lowly Janitor aboard a remote research vessel, th The player controls Roger Wilco by using the arrow keys or keyboard to move him around, and typing out command
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  • | Composer = {{Composer|Mark Crowe}} ...nal classical piece heard at the boot up of Space Quest composed by [[Mark Crowe]] <ref></ref>, and rearr
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  • ...While performing your duties, rather poorly I might add, you're kidnapped by thugs and taken to the secret hideout of Sludge Vohaul. He was the scientis ...oger Wilco by using the arrow keys on the keyboard to move him around, and by typing commands such as "look at the alien" and "search the body". The play
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  • ...on theme produced by [[Sierra Online]]. The games are the products of Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy. In the series, you play the role of Roger Wilco, a lazy j ==Fan Games==
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