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  • ...ped Hülsbeck getting started in [[assembly]] and programmed the first two games in Hülsbeck's gameography. ...[[Rainbow Arts]] on the phone and was hired on the spot. After scoring two games freelance, he found it too tiring to work parallel, waited for his mid-term
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  • ...s, and composed their music. All 52 of the games were finished in 3 months by order of Active Enterprises. Gonzalez then worked on [[Cheetahmen II (NES)] ...worked at Univision Network from 2001 to 2002. In 2011, Gonzalez was hired by indie game developer [[CNG Studios]] where he continues to work both as a c
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  • ...Dreieich, Hessen. He cited a few songs by [[Cirque du Soleil]] and [[Hans Zimmer]] as compositionally interesting, very elaborate and in great moods. Genera ...most compositions, he brought himself into the fitting mood - for example, by listening to nothing but rock'n'roll music before scoring ''Rock'n Roll (C6
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