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  • ...asy (NES)|Final Fantasy]] fame), asked him to compose music for his games, and Uematsu began working for Square full time. ...Hero". During his time at Square, Uematsu composed soundtracks for over 30 games, including his help on [[Chrono Trigger (SNES)|Chrono Trigger]] after [[Yas
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  • '''DX-Ball''' is a free [[Arkanoid]]-inspired game created by [[Michael P. Welch]]. ...edecessor - [[DX-Ball 2 (W32)|DX-Ball 2]], [[Rival Ball (W32)|Rival Ball]] and [[Super DX-Ball (W32)|Super DX-Ball]].
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  • '''''Matthias Steinwachs''''' is a German composer, sound designer and lecturer. ...end though, he had enough of "sensitive drummers and egocentric bassists" and, to a medium extent, rehearsal rooms.
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