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  • of the many ragtime pieces composed by [[Scott Joplin]]. Many old video games used this song. ==Games==
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  • ...hen they were contracted by [[Bally Midway]], they started creating arcade games. The company only developed six titles; Tapper, Domino Man, Journey, Timber still exists to this day, however, they do not make video games. Elaine Hodgson and Richard Ditton founded [[Incredible Technologies]], which still exists
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  • | Name = Elaine A. Hodgson | Aliases = Elaine Ditton
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  • ...a Genesis. In addition, they have also developed several arcade and casino games. ...mes, something that was frowned upon at the time they started making video games. They would also put their developers' initials in the high scores. There a
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  • ...elopment company based in South Barrington, Illinois, United States, owned by Bob Odgon. In 1983, Elaine and Richard Ditton, fresh off from his arcade success with Tapper and Journ
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  • ...''' is an action game developed by Marvin Glass & Associates and published by Bally Midway in 1983. You control the titular character, who has an uncanny Like many arcade games at the time, this game contains minimal music. The main in-game tune is jus
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