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  • ...g time and now lives in Spain. While he no longer composes music for video games, he does continue to compose and play music. Paul currently works at Apple. in [[Studio Vision Pro]]. In Super Tetris, they were converted to [[Don Harlow]]'s sound driver. In Tetris Classic, they were converted to the [[Midpak]]
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  • Spectrum HoloByte was created by Gilman Louie in 1982 with original headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, but l ==Games==
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  • ...n music. He started working on composing and programming [[Intellivision]] games. When the [[Commodore 64]] came out later, he stopped working on Intellivis Lieblich used the [[Visual Concepts]] sound engine which was created by [[Jason Andersen]] and [[John Schappert]]. It is unknown how he created the
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