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  • ...licensed NES games. In 1991, the company was ceased to exit and was bought by [[Micro Genius]]/TXC Corp. ==Games==
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  • ...ormation anywhere in the game, it has been said that the game is developed by Idea-Tek. ...ton. As the player reaches higher levels, the game increases in difficulty by having bigger puzzles. If the player wants, they can press B to go to a lit
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  • ...[[Idea-Tek]], another Taiwanese game developer who produced unlicensed NES games. C&E was known for producing the NES game Bubble Bath Babes, later re-relea ...erican Video Entertainment]]. In Japan, their games were usually published by [[Hacker International]] (ハッカー・インターナショナル).
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  • ...' is an unlicensed game based on the card game hanafuda, and is one of the games in the Famicom's AV series. The game features two popular female Japanese a allows or proscribes any game pictures depicting adult themes covered by the game-->
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  • | Aliases = Games Express ...ra. The company published pornographic video games in Japan. Most of their games that made it outside of Japan were changed to not feature pornographic mate
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