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  • | Name = Shinichi Sakamoto | Picture = Shinichi Sakamoto - 6.jpg
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  • the graphics, Michishito Ishizuka did all the programming, and Shinichi Sakamoto did the music and sound. According to Ryuichi, the game was made in under a ...sound driver was done by the game's programmer, [[Michishito Ishizuka]]. Sakamoto says he was disappointed in his music for this game and the other Famicom g
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  • ...ットエンタテインメント'') was a Japanese game developer founded by Ryuichi Nishizawa and Michishito Ishizuka. The company name comes from the ...ed some toys. They also developed Panic Bomber, one of the few Virtual Boy games. The company is mostly known for its Wonder Boy series on the Sega consoles
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  • ...Game Yarou on January 15, 2009. Jaleco Holding, which no longer made video games, then changed its name to ''Emcom Holdings'' to dissociate itself from its ==Games==
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  • ...] around 1986, scoring the music and sound effects to many of their arcade games. Among these titles included ''Dynamite Duke'' and ''Raiden'', the latter o ...ive director of [[MUSE]], scoring and supervising the music for many games by [[IDES]] and later [[Stone Heads]]. He appears to have left the game indust
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  • '''''NMK''''' was a Japanese video game developer founded by Yukio Kotoyori. They closed their doors in 1999 due to bankruptcy. ==Games==
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  • | Programmers = [[Kazuhiro Ayabe]], [[Kazunori Hideya]], [[Shinichi Sakamoto]] ...unofficial name of the sound driver used in [[NMK]]'s Nintendo Famicom/NES games. It has been unofficially named after the company, rather than a programmer
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  • The '''''Jaws Theme''''' was composed by [[John Williams]] for the movie ''Jaws'' as the shark's theme. ==Games==
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  • ...known for their several poor-quality video games. The company was founded by Jack Friedman, whose previous boss was named Norman J. Lewis. His initials ...veloped the video games they published. In reality, LJN only published the games, and outsourced their development to companies such as [[Atlus]], [[Bits St
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  • | Arranged by [[Stefan Hartwig]]. | Arranged by [[Emerson Best]].
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