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Platform - SLOT.png
Slot Machine
Texas Tea - SLOT - USA.jpg
Released: 1976-??-??
Developer: N/A
Type: Hardware

Slot Machines are gambling devices that, when activated, perform random events like spinning wheels, displaying symbols, etc. Most outcomes result in the loss of money, but specific outcomes, like symbols lining up in a particular pattern, cause the machine to pay out money. While slot machines have existed since the 1800s, this site is only interested in electronic slot machines with on-board CPUs (which didn't come out until the mid-1970s), and specifically those capable of playing music.



Most early video slot machines used custom hardware, but as hardware became more generalized, slot machines began to reuse existing motherboards. Most current video slot machines use hardware similar to that of a notebook computer.

Music and Sound

Early video slot machines relied on electronic bells, but as more sophisticated hardware was demanded, the machines began to include proper CPUs and could then use the same audio chips found in arcade cabinets. The most recent video slot machines use fully digital audio output.