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Simon Robertson
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Simon Robertson is an English composer and sound designer. He began working on video games in 1996 when he worked for Acclaim. He left the company in 2001 and worked at SSEYO as an Interactive Media Designer. He stayed there for 5 years and then departed the company to pursue his own web programming business. He continued doing this for 10 years. Additionally, from 1999 to 2003, he released music material under the alias of Gen-Ik for underground electronic music label No Bones Records. In 2016, he started working at Computech as a Senior Software Engineer. In 2018, he left Computech and started working at Simpplr as a UI Engineer. In November 2018, he started working at Gather Capture as a Technical Developer, where he still works to this day.


Released Title Platform
1997-09-30 Extreme-G (N64) (エクストリーム G)
1998-04-30 Forsaken 64 (N64)
1998-04-30 Forsaken (PS1) (フォーセイケン)
1998-04-30 Forsaken (W16)
1998-10-07 Extreme-G 2 (N64) (エクストリームG2)
1999-03-09 Re-Volt (N64)
1999-04-22 Extreme-G 2 (W16)
1999-07-31 Re-Volt (PS1) (リボルト) Composer?
1999-07-31 Re-Volt (W16) Composer?
1999-11-30 Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. (N64)
1999-12-17 Re-Volt (DC) Composer?
2002-03-30 Driven (GC)
2018-07-31 Forsaken Remastered (W64)

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